About Us

Welcome to Edupreneur.net — the site for educators who want to control their career and gain independence from traditional education business models by becoming edupreneurs or teacherpreneurs who own their own businesses or provide independent learning and consulting services.

The site has been developed by and is maintained by educators who have made the leap from employees to independent contractors & consultants who have more flexibility in their daily schedules and better work/life balance while still working with learners in a variety of capacities inside and outside of “classrooms.”

Today educators have many more options to provide their services to the community — it is no longer necessary to work only for a school or district as a salaried employee.  We can contract our services out to schools as lecturers, online teachers, and consultants.  We can open our own tutoring businesses and our own charter schools.  We can work entirely online as professional bloggers or by running our own e-commerce sites related to education products.

What benefits did we gain when we became Edupreneurs and Teacherpreneurs?

  • Unlimited earning potential (no more salary scales)
  • Flexible work schedules including work-from-home opportunities
  • Professional independence
  • Freedom to explore creative & innovative teaching/learning experiences
  • Variety of opportunities and work experiences
  • More time with our children
  • Ability to attend school functions with our children
  • Less $$$ spent on dry cleaning, wardrobe purchases, and eating out for lunch
  • Shorter & cheaper commute
  • Less stress
  • No more lunch duty!

At Edupreneur.net we will explore all of these options, learn from other educators who have successfully managed to take control of their own careers as independent business owners, contractors and consultants, and provide reviews and links to tons of online resources that make all of this possible.  The goal of this site is to help more educators launch their own edupreneurial careers and gain the same benefits and freedom that we have gained.


Who We Are

Chris Landry — former elementary teacher who now owns & operates a local tutoring company and provides consulting to edtech startups specializing in early elementary tools and resources.

Dan Walker — educator and administrator turned edupreneur and consultant.

Stephanie Cooper — former high school teacher who now works as an independent educator teaching online, providing online tutoring, and working as an “idea entrepreneur” with a focus on innovation in education and transformational use of technology in learning.